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ProductTank Prague - Product Discovery Chat

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ProductTank Prague - Product Discovery Chat
May 23, 2017
18:00 - 00:00
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The user is dead, long live the user! CAC, JTBD, HCD, Lean, Design Sprints, ODI, Opportunity Solution Tree,… Are you also overwhelmed by the number of frameworks, methods or ‘bestselling books’ to do Product Discovery easier, faster, cheaper and with even better results ? Have you become dogmatic about your favorite flavor? Do you think Jobs to be Done is great and Customer Activity Cycle sucks bad ? We invite you to explore together with us what there is to learn and what are the overlaps between these methods. We’ll be discussing what methods we’ve seen used in practice and what was learned doing so. Our expert discussion panel: Jan Habich; Product and Service builder - Rockaway Pavlína Louženská; Designer of Change - 2Fresh Alex Michalicova; Product manager - Liftago The event is moderated by Dave Ruzius; ProductTank Prague and product Manager LMC